frozen Jesus


baby  Jesus was frozen at the ymca

away in a manager on Christmas day

families were rushing to reach church on time

an old man was drinking his bottle of wine

the sun started shining bright in the sky

melting the ice in Jesus’ eyes

the old man was filled with wonder and fear

when he looked at the baby and thought he saw tears

he fell on his knees and prayed on the ground

a number of people gathered around

Jesus is crying the old man spoke out

just look in his eyes if there’s any doubt

the water rolled down from Jesus’ face

it’s a miracle shouted a girl filled with grace

the old man just nodded and continued to pray

as Jesus lay thawing at the ymca

the next day the crowds continued to come

the sick and the lame the deaf and the dumb

the came to see if the tears were for real

they came with their sorrows they came to be healed
a cripple girl walked a blind boy got sight

a man lost in darkness claimed he saw light

they touched the old man who seemed holy and wise

who first saw the tears in Jesus’ eyes

this beaten old man whose clothes looked like rags

who swallowed his faith from a brown paper bag

he never believed that he’d be the one

to preach to the old the sick and the young

the tears started falling from his weary old eyes

the ice started melting that had frozen his life

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, he heard himself say

as Jesus lay thawing at the ymca

marchetti 09

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i am reposting this…one of my favorite Christmas memories…

i got a tree today…we will decorate it tomorrow
when i was my sons age, 8…dad and i would buy our tree on Christmas eve …then go to midnight mass…then i would try to sleep until morning…visions of sugar plums and reindeer and baseball gloves and footballs dancing in my head…

it was our tradition to buy our tree Christmas eve…i didn’t know at the time the reason it was our tradition,was because trees were dirt cheap then, they were almost giving them away…

my favorite memory of back then is dad and i going up the street…about 5 or 6 in the evening…and dad buying two of the worst looking trees you have ever seen for 50 cents…we brought them home…and dad sawed limbs from one tree and drilled holes in the other tree and glued the limbs in…to make the best looking tree you’ve ever seen…i remember us laughing the whole time…

he was so proud of that tree…we decorated it and i don’t think i had ever seen him or mom so happy… when i got older mom told me later that night when i was asleep ,after the tree was decorated…the heat loosened the glue and limbs started falling out left and right…dad jumping around laughing putting them back in…i never knew

it was a great Christmas…traditions start for a number of reasons…i treasure our tradition of buying the tree Christmas eve…no matter what the reason

Christmas isn’t about the money…it’s the day we celebrate Jesus birthday…the prince of peace,the hope and light of the world..a tradition we can’t afford to lose

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