The Dark Ages

i was thinking about the different ages, dark age, stone age, industrial age etc…

not sure what age we are in now…computer age? infomercial age? whatever age we are in it feels like we are on the dawn of another age…it feels like there is a shift taking place…

i’m not a big 2012 doomsday kind of guy…not talking about that…but i think we are coming into a new age…a light age

we don’t know what killed the dinosaurs…but it seems like the dinosaurs are killing us, with our dependence on fossil fuels…war, pollution and a list of other things  just so we can get to the fast food place faster and keep the tv and computers humming…some things stop making sense after awhile..and eventually the fossil fuels will run out…and then what

here’s my crackpot idea of what we should do…i think the military, police, and medical should continue with the oil…i think the rest of us should start making the slow transition to alternative  forms of fuel, energy, solar wind whatever…it’s going to come someday anyway…might as well do it on our terms

let the people who’s jobs depend on oil start being trained in alternative forms of energy…change is coming, one way or another…people want to feel safe…secure…it’s kind of hard to feel that way when you see what going on

i have a lot of hope for the future..the young people i am around are bright folks with good hearts…and much bigger brains than me when i was their age…i say…let the sun shine …let the sunshine in and welcome in the light age

marchetti 10

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  1. I rarely read my e-mail. I don’t read it. Food for thought. My question: My/Our generation, or at least me, were talking about alternative fuel some 30+ years ago. Before I owned a home, I was looking into alternative fuel homes when I bought a home. Did that happen? Nope. I keep thinking of the “Begley” show on HGTV and going green like he did with sunlights, so your rooms can be lit by natural light; adding solar panels and having the electric company by it back from me, and so on and so on. To do this, we are going to have some valid incentives to do it, simply because of cost. The average american barely can afford household expenses, i.e. mortgage, utilities. There is NO MONEY to save. To make the necessary home improvements. Our generation has become stagnant. The majority do not take the initiative to vote. And, it takes initiative to change. Ingenuity. The money based companies ARE NOT going to promote alternative fuel sources, because there goes their income base. And, to me, this should be reason enough to change our personal habits, as any. Personally, I refuse to help anyone get richer than they have to be, but here I am using my computer, when there was a time while you were in Vietnam, I refused to even use a hairdryer. We didn’t burn lights after dark. We burned candles. I’ve fought on a personal level for 30+ years. It took over 20 years for recycling to catch on!!! The one good thing about FB is that you can put your views out there. People either like them or they don’t. They either act on them or they don’t. There has to someone or source so motivational that people are moved. But, one of my friends is so happy because she just bought a million dollar home, so big that I told her I was glad I didn’t have to heat or cool it, and simultaneously, she turned the heat down (winter time), and it was freezing. Why buy a home that you can’t afford to heat? Why does anyone need a home that big. I’ll stop. You touched a button that took me back a long way….; my generation has not succeeded; perhaps, the next will….there is always hope.

  2. wow sasa i never knew all that…money will change things…whoever comes up with a better energy deal that is affordable…or time will change things…or love for one another and the planet will change thigs…or Divine intervention will change things…
    you wouldn’t use a hair dryer when i was in vietnam…there is something profound in that statement but i’m to tired to search for it…lol, mark

  3. I’m intriqued by the Dark Ages….our ancestors all experienced that era. Sometimes, it feels like again we are going backwards instead of forward. We will HAVE to rely on raw resources. We’re destroying our planet and it won’t repair unless something gives..and I’m afraid something is going to give. With all the oil that is pumped out of the earth, we’re creating void’s where it’s natural process is needed. I think that’s why earthquake’s and sinkholes are taking place. What’s also bad is all the politcal disarray…can’t believe that states are fighting each other now, ie the Arizona Illegal Immigration. What do they think they are accomplishing by boycotting Arizona? Hispanics are moving away from there, hello and seeking other states that will take them in. I thought, in my own little mind, that anyone who came to this country as an immigrant, came here to become an American; not to impose their political spin on our laws. I’m just a simple person, just want to live in peace and harmony. Why can’t the world open their eyes, we all live on the same planet.

    • i agree paulette…my grandparents came from italy…we are all immigrants…but i have hope that things are heading in the right direction….growth isn’t easy…but i have faith in the human spirit…and complete faith in God…thanks for commenting

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