when momma’s not happy ain’t nobody happy

we pave her pastures for fast food and highways

fill her oceans with oil and poison and trash

cut down her timber and strip mine her mountains

sell all her beauty for a hand full of cash

the native americans knew we were crazy

with our fences and killing and relentless waste

when momma’s not happy ain’t nobody happy

right now mother earth has a frown on her face

it’s a microwave meltdown from nation to nation

volcanoes and earthquakes, tornadoes and floods

but we’ve got our instant gratification

with one foot in the grave and one stuck in the mud

common sense is a virtue that’s dead on the vine

we need to wake up before it’s too late

when momma’s not happy ain’t nobody happy

right now mother earth has a frown on her face

marchetti 10

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  1. What a perfectly observant and wise blog from our twenty first century Aristotle!

  2. You are my hero…You hit the mark with what you wrote. I love the fact that you can put into words a topic so complex and keep it simple. Well…come to think of it..you yourself personally know from being married to me…when momma ain’t happy..nobody’s happy

  3. thanks !!!

  4. Great way of telling it all Mark. I love your way with words. Thanks for sending this. God Bless you and yours.Vikki


  6. I suppose when the last tree is cut, the last river is either dammed or dead and the last field has been paved for a mall people will understand that you CANT EAT MONEY!
    Hope that all is well in your little oasis of natural beauty…

    • thanks jim…hard to watch the footage of the wildlife covered in oil…

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