The Dark Ages

i was thinking about the different ages, dark age, stone age, industrial age etc…

not sure what age we are in now…computer age? infomercial age? whatever age we are in it feels like we are on the dawn of another age…it feels like there is a shift taking place…

i’m not a big 2012 doomsday kind of guy…not talking about that…but i think we are coming into a new age…a light age

we don’t know what killed the dinosaurs…but it seems like the dinosaurs are killing us, with our dependence on fossil fuels…war, pollution and a list of other things  just so we can get to the fast food place faster and keep the tv and computers humming…some things stop making sense after awhile..and eventually the fossil fuels will run out…and then what

here’s my crackpot idea of what we should do…i think the military, police, and medical should continue with the oil…i think the rest of us should start making the slow transition to alternative  forms of fuel, energy, solar wind whatever…it’s going to come someday anyway…might as well do it on our terms

let the people who’s jobs depend on oil start being trained in alternative forms of energy…change is coming, one way or another…people want to feel safe…secure…it’s kind of hard to feel that way when you see what going on

i have a lot of hope for the future..the young people i am around are bright folks with good hearts…and much bigger brains than me when i was their age…i say…let the sun shine …let the sunshine in and welcome in the light age

marchetti 10

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3 short poems

about/ life


laugh/ cry



repeat until you know why…

Holy Water

turn the water into wine

turn the wine into blood

turn the blood into forgiveness

turn forgiveness into love

East Nashville

my neighbors were … junior, martha, a black hooker crack addict, and junior’s brother

they had two dogs

one was a suicidal dog

i know this because one night, juniors brother

came staggering drunk down the middle of the street chasing after the dog …

muttering to himself, you must want to get run over … suicidal dog …

i never knew  junior’s brothers name … but he seemed to have great compassion

of course if i was junior’s brothers dog, i would have been suicidal also …


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when momma’s not happy ain’t nobody happy

we pave her pastures for fast food and highways

fill her oceans with oil and poison and trash

cut down her timber and strip mine her mountains

sell all her beauty for a hand full of cash

the native americans knew we were crazy

with our fences and killing and relentless waste

when momma’s not happy ain’t nobody happy

right now mother earth has a frown on her face

it’s a microwave meltdown from nation to nation

volcanoes and earthquakes, tornadoes and floods

but we’ve got our instant gratification

with one foot in the grave and one stuck in the mud

common sense is a virtue that’s dead on the vine

we need to wake up before it’s too late

when momma’s not happy ain’t nobody happy

right now mother earth has a frown on her face

marchetti 10

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