a penny for your thoughts

haven’t blogged for awhile…the flood, the farm, nothing much too say…but my son lucca told me something that i thought was good

lucca is in the 1st grade…the 3rd graders at his school put on a program the other day…the students dressed up as someone famous and stood like a statue in a booth…when you walked up and dropped a penny in a box they would come to life and tell a little bit about the person they were representing…

when he came home i asked him how he liked the program? he said it was okay…then a few minutes later he said dad…one of the kids was dressed up like mom’s mom…i said someone was dressed up like mee maw? he said yea..i said well you know son your grama is famous…and he said…IT’S NOT MY FAULT…i loved that

peggy was telling me today that lucca told her that mee maw was famous…and peggy said i know…and lucca said yea, she is famous for singing, and peggy said i know son…and lucca said, WELL SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL HER…perfect

hope everyone is making it through the flood …come see us on the farm, lots of good stuff


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