you never know

it takes a long time to find your calling in life…some find it early , the lucky ones…i found mine later in life…oh i like writing…but there’s something about cleaning out a barn…and so i have written this little ode some of you may be familiar with…

manure connoisseur

bat is best

rabbit’s next

chickens hot

turkey’s not

then of course

there’s cow and horse

here i’ll note

i’ve used goat

pig will do

when you’re low on poo

i must admit

i know my shit

marchetti 10

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old song

this is a lyric from an old song of mine…it is one of my favorites…wrote it when i lived in memphis…

hard to believe

he always believed he’d be someone

so he waited on his destiny

time turned his life into something

he never thought it would be

now he stares out his window and wonders

why these days there’s no hope in sight

somewhere he lost all his thunder

waiting for lightning to strike

it’s easy to say nothing matters

it’s easy to smile and say please

it’s easy for dreams to be shattered

some days it’s so hard to believe

they married each other for love

they believed that their love would provide

time had a way of revealing

love has a dark other side

now they look at each other like strangers

they wonder who they could both be

all that they have left in common

is the fact that they both disagree

it’s easy to say nothing matters

it’s easy to pack up and leave

it’s easy for hearts to be shattered

some days it’s so hard to believe

Jesus walked on the water

like broken bread floating on wine

he gave us the gift of forgivness

he left us the cross as a sign

success sometimes calls faith a weakness

when you have everything money can buy

whenever your heart tries to speak truth

your mind tries to call it a lie

it’s easy to say nothing matters

it’s easy to fall on your knees

it’s easy for faith to be shattered

some days it’s so hard to believe

marchetti 10

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big ears

some things happen in your life that are just weird…i was thinking of this last night…it happened years ago…around 1973 or so…i was playing in a rock band in pittsburgh…living in a basement apartment on oakland ave…near pitt and carnegie mellon…with an assorted bunch of musicians and circus people

we we’re just starting out and taking gigs anywhere we could get them…one place we played was an after hours club …i think it was on the north side…dark place…on a hill….outside there were endless steps going down down down…pittsburgh has a lot of these…i mean these steps are hard to explain unless you have seen them….cement steps with a hand rail literally going straight down a mountain…anyway

we played for beer and fish sandwiches and tips…just a handful of people in this place on any given night…

one night…we were taking a break…sitting at the bar…drinking our beer…when…the biggest, meanest, toughest looking killer walks in…doesn’t look at anyone…sits at the bar…looks straight ahead…and orders a beer…he had that..i just had a fight with the wife look…or i just lost my job look…or…if you hold your mouth wrong i will kill you look…

the thing was though… he had the BIGGEST EARS…i or any of us had ever seen in our lives…i’m not talking about big ears…i am talking about…it looked like someone had glued paper plates to the side of his head…huge…unbelievable ears…

we started nudging each other under the bar…and tried to get one another’s attention with eye movements…trying despartly not to laugh, which would have meant slow painful death…it was unbearable…just when we thought our heads might explode…this big killer…starts getting the smallest of smiles on his face…then he just explodes into laughter…slapping the bar with his hands…we still haven’t cracked a smile…not knowing if he is going to go ballistic or not…then he gets  up and takes off what turns out to be halloween novelty ears…laughing his butt off…we fell off of our stools laughing…2 o’clock in the morning with 5 people in the bar on the north side of pittsburgh pa…

i don’t know what made me think of that guy…and those steps that went down down down…

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so my brother and my friend pat both want more negative…it is a mandate from the people…it fills my heart with glee, yippee , nothing makes me feel more positive than to vent some negativity…so lets take up where i left off…

15.  is this not the grayest, dullest, rainiest,coldest, longest winter in history…where oh where is the sun…i saw it for a minute then it was gone

16.television…do we really need more reality tv shows…although i do kinda like the one the boss is incognito in…but my God…enough of the great race survivor bachelor home on the range show…has anyone bought a toy lately? have you tried to unwrap, untie the thing…i had to go to the emergency room one christmas morning after slicing my finger trying to cut the millions of ties made of space age material securing a 5 dollar toy…

18.why is it that when i get in the car the gas tank is always on empty?

19.i hate the seat belt law…years ago i was in a bad car crash…i was thrown from the vehicle…if i would have been wearing my seat belt i wouldn’t be here…i never got a ticket in my life…i got 2 now…in the last 2 years..not wearing my seat belt…the thing strangles me…i’m starting to feel better already

20. let me just throw a bunch of stuff that irks me in this one…the state of country music….getting older, getting fatter, losing more hair…they all seem to go together somehow

21.brown recluse

22. i’ll end on 22, it’s a good number and this one may take a minute…you see…i know i am really blessed, i’m born again, i have a beautiful wife, great children and grandchildren, love writing and farming…my heart is filled with gratitude…honestly

but sometimes, not all times, but sometimes i look around and feel we’ve missed the point…as a people, on the planet, this is going to be hard to put into words but i’ll give it a go…

i’m borrowing from my buddy todd snider on this bit here…kind of…you go to school 5 days a week…they teach you to make the best grades, best grades get the best jobs, best jobs get the most money, most money wins…monday thru friday competiton…then on sunday…they teach you that it’s not about you….be selfless, give give give…help your nieghbor….it’s not about competition it’s about compassion and forgiveness…for a kid it can be confusing…that is why on the one day of the week left…saturday…it is party time…it’s the only thing that makes sense

it seems that  monday thru friday has won out over  sunday to me…and for some the saturday becomes a way of life…it can make for a lot of unhappy people walking around not knowing what is fulfilling to them…should they try to make the million dollars…what if they don’t, what if they do…how about the guy that is homeless…how can i be happy if he is starving…

so i quess…you try to find something you love to do, and help when you can…and try to work a sunday mentality into the rest of the days of the week…ohh, i think saturday is still good for partying…hey look, i have a cold and am feeling blaaa…thus the blaaaaagh…but venting is a good thing…and the sun will be shining soon

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things i could do without

my brother told me i was being too positive in my blogs…and when will the real me emerge…well the positive is the real me, but there is this also…

things i could do without

  1. daylight savings time
  2. tweets and all they encompass
  3. fast food…i saw a report that said we will live longer than our children…fast food is insane …we are killing ourselves…excuse me a minute…hey peggy can you pick me up a burger i am doing a blog
  4. microwave ovens…hey…pop this chemical concoction in the oven so i have more time to isolate myself from the real world and engage in the virtual reality world
  5. politics…don’t like anything that ends in tics
  6. tics…enough said
  7. war…particularly the holy ones…religions that profess love and kill you to show that their form of love is better than yours
  8. i think we have an abundance of…blogs, poets,actors,songwriters,motivational speakers,drugs to calm our kids down,reports on tiger woods ect
  9. hunger, genocide
  10. taxes…they get it coming in, they get it going out…
  11. bermuda grass
  12. chicken crap
  13. allergies
  14. negative lists
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time to start getting the plants in the ground…putting up the low tunnels…spreading the compost…putting new wood on some of the raised beds…getting some new chicks…ducks, rabbits….i now have 2 miniature donkey’s about to have 3…and i am also adding a few more goats…

i have a duck that sleeps on my pig…i think i should get him a duck mate…not that there’s anything wrong with the pig thing…just sayin

time to get the mower and tractor and tiller serviced and ready to go…oh yea and the dreaded weed eater…

peggy has many projects again this year…the driveway and parking area have been expanded…looks great…we are building stacked stone walls all over the place…it is it is great to get back out in the SUNSHINE…farming for me is life giving…i love the animals, the flowers, the vegetables,herbs, berries, and i love seeing the folks enjoying all of it…

but there is one thing i don’t love…and that is…bermuda grass…and so i have conjured up this little ditty…ode to bermuda grass…and here it is…happy sunshine…

I think it’s natures anti Christ

You pull it once it comes back twice

It thrives in drought and cracks through ice

I hate Bermuda grass

An old farmer that I knew

Said he dealt with it a time or two

The only way to get rid of it is to move

I hate Bermuda grass

I’d like to nuke it and blow it to bits

Once it gets going it never quits

It takes my time and gives me fits

I hate Bermuda grass

I might move to Hawaii and learn to surf

Or cover the whole place with astro turf

Sell plastic flowers and little blue smurfs

I hate Bermuda grass

marchetti 10

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