the face of Jesus

they saw the face of Jesus on the side of a tree

they were kneeling in the front yard i watched it on tv

i heard about a statue that’s supposed to cry real tears

the people came from miles around and bought some souvenirs

they saw the face of Jesus out on a highway sign

through the meatballs and spaghetti his image was entwined

i heard somebody saw him on an icebox door

but when it defrosted he wasn’t there no more

what about the old man down in the alley way

nobody seems to give a damn much less kneel down to pray

they just see an outcast someone who rides for free

but they saw the face of Jesus on the side of a tree

they saw the face of Jesus on the side of a tree

but it looked just like that singer from pearl jam to me

if it was really Jesus i know he understands

i’m just looking for the answers through the eyes of a man

what about the homeless the hungry and the lame

the hookers and the junkies the children without names

there’s so many faceless people nobody ever sees

but they saw the face of Jesus on the side of a tree

marchetti 10

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it’s the little things

i believe it’s the little things that make life worth living…and i also believe it’s the little things that’ll kill ya…

for example…a sunrise or sunset…happens everyday…but somedays they catch our eye and move us more than a van gogh or picasso could

or say..a bluebird landing on a branch outside your window…chirping a little tune that speaks to your heart more than any song could…

the little things are endless if you pay attention…a kind word, a smile, a pat on the back, everything from puppies to babies and all in between…the world and life can be a joyous and beautiful place…

ahhhh but…it’s the little things that can kill you also…say like…a dead car battery on a cold winter morning when you   are running late…or how about when you are helping your son put his shoes on…and without fail…if you hold up his left show…he holds up his right foot…everytime…everyday…what are the odds of that…

or say…sticking your hands in your coat pocket looking for your keys..and they are ALWAYS in the other pocket…or worse…can’t find your keys

or the phone ringing at absolutely the worse time..all the time like right now as i’m writing this…unbelievable…bill collector

don’t sweat the big stuff you’ll make it…be very careful of the little stuff…the broken shoelace…hiccups…barking dog…the little stuff will kill you…

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a little bit of joy

sometimes old farmer mark just has to vent…to no one in particular…just vent…a nice gray sky…winter time…cabin fever…type VENT…

the quest for happiness…are you happy? happy? you should be happy…i mean…you’re  blessed…why are you depressed…happiness is a choice…

i know happiness is a choice…it really is…and you know…first you have to be grateful…then happiness follows…help others…don’t be so self centered…that’s the key…first happy… then success…success? money? doing what you love….

folks are being shot at somewhere…starving and sleeping out in the street somewhere else…being evicted…losing jobs…no health care…are they worried about being happy…happy is tricky business…the big overall picture…yes i am happy…the day to day stub your toe on the way to the bathroom…it fluctuates…anyway…here’s a new song lyric…soon i will shell out a few extra bucks so i can post a demo of the song to listen too…for now think nice r&b groove…hope you’re happy

A little bit of joy

I keep a little bit of joy…in the corner of my heart

It helps me find my way…when I’m fumbling in the dark

you could tear down the wall of china…but you never could destroy

This feeling that I have…this little bit of joy

I keep a little bit of hope…safely tucked away

Just in case I need it…come a rainy day

you could tie up all of my dreams at the end of one long rope

But I know I’ll always have…a little bit of hope


It’s gonna rage out of control someday

Spread just like a wildfire…wipe the tears away

it’s gonna rage out of control someday

keep a little spark, let it light the way

I keep a little bit of love…locked inside a box

Hidden out of sight…safer than fort knox

you could break somebody’s  heart…someone always does

But I know I’ll always have…a little bit of love

Repeat chorus

Marchetti 10

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reality tv

driving to work this morning

i saw a homeless man

sitting under a bridge

writing something in a yellow tablet

i never wanted to read anything so bad

my God

the prophets are homeless

the angels are living under bridges

while i am watching all star survivor ...

waiting for a news bulletin to break in ...

saying it's the end of the world


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