my wife and son, peggy and lucca, are in LA…peggy and patsy are accepting their moms lifetime achievement…i think it’s the lifetime achievement …anyway it’s a grammy

i love loretta…she has a natural genius for the whole music thing…writing, singing, performing…one of a kind…a true original…hank williams, ray charles, johnny cash, loretta,  the list is short in my book…

i was supposed to go out there with them…go to the grammy dinner, take lucca to disneyland…but…winter storm warning…i’ve got a farm and animals to care for…

  1. 2 cats
  2. 1 dog
  3. 1 fish (one that lucca caught in the creek out front about a year and half ago that is still alive in the aquarium)
  4. 6 baby chicks under a heat lamp in the kitchen
  5. 20 some hens
  6. 1 duck
  7. 1 goat
  8. 1 miniature donkey
  9. 1 pig
  10. feed, water, shelter

i miss them already, they just left yesterday…they sound like they are having a great time…and i am enjoying some alone time…well i have my milk and bread…everybody stay safe…congrats loretta…we love you

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what do you think

do YOU think things…are what they SEEM

or do YOU think this is all a DREAM

what I THINK I am trying to say…is THIS

if you THINK something…is that how it IS

say you THINK life sucks…THEN it usually DOES

even if you’re BLESSED and truly LOVED

is PERCEPTION truth to the one that PERCIEVES

 is there a greater TRUTH no matter what you BELIEVE

they say we USE a small part of our BRAIN

there’s no END to the MIRACLES we can ATTAIN

they say THOUGHTS are WINGS as real as a birds

if we TRY we can FLY there is POWER in WORDS

we can BREAK the laws of GRAVITY

and CREATE our own REALITY

they use to THINK the earth was FLAT

I can understand how they THOUGHT that

 I can’t SCOFF at what some people THINK

Even if THEY throw in the kitchen sink

so I’ll sit here and CONCENTRATE with all my might

And see if my MIND can turn out the LIGHT

If it gets DARK I’ll try turn it Back ON

If THAT doesn’t work I’ll PRAY for the DAWN

Marchetti 10

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life before death

i wish i could figure out how to put songs up here to listen too…anyway this a song lyric i have written …it kind of sums up how i am feeling today on this blah blah rainy day…like may dad used to say…cheer up it’s gonna get worse…

                                                     Life before death

I believe in life after death

I believe there’s more than my last breath

The devils will burn, the angels will sing

But before I go I want to know one thing


Is there life before death beyond this sorrow and fear

Is there life before death and can I live it while I’m here

I know heaven is waiting I know what the good book says

But is there life before death or will I have to wait until I’m dead

Money is screaming at the top of its lungs

The end of my rope is on the tip of my tongue

It’s a cold hard world that’s a cold hard fact

It takes everything you’ve got and that’s not including tax


Is there life before death beyond this sadness and fear

Is there life before death can I live it while I’m here

I know heaven is waiting I know what the good book says

But is there life before death or will I have to wait until I’m dead


To much to do and not enough time, too much to do and not enough time

Too much to do and not enough time, I’ve got an aching back and a worried mind…repeat

marchetti 10

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new poem, song

                                    When I meet my maker

When I meet my maker

When he calls me by my name

I don’t want to hide my face and hang my head in shame

I want to run into his arms like a child that’s going home

Welcomed by the greatest love this world has ever known

When I meet my maker

I’ll ask to see his son

Just so I can thank him for the miracles he’s done

He washed away my sorrow he washed away my sin

He saved a place for me up there so I could be with him

When I meet my maker

And I know I will someday

I’ll see my mom and dad and all the rest that have gone away

The stars will shine like diamonds high in a midnight sky

We’ll smile down on a sleeping world and never say goodbye

Marchetti 10

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time drags or flies..either way it goes…

5:30 am to 6: am..the fastest 30 minutes of the day…i wake up to a nice quiet house…all to myself…make a cup of coffee and blow my nose…wham it’s gone…time to get lucca up for school…the games begin…lucca(i want bacon for breakfast)… me(you eat too much bacon you need cereal)… lucca(i don’t want cereal i WANT bacon) …me( you are going to need open heart surgery by the time you’re 12)…lucca(i don’t want to wear those: pants, socks, shirt, jacket, whatever)… me(for the love of God we are running late, please,please put something on)

5:30 pm to 6:00pm…longest 30 minutes of the day…lucca(mom? mom? is dinner ready yet) forever, an eternity…

my favorite time is when he looks up at me and says…daddy i love you

this is about time…it is dragging through winter..and flying through my life, seems just like yesterday i was 6 years old playing with my puppy, now i am 60 playing with my donkey…well not much difference there except i am older and time flies…

we have some baby chicks under the heat lamp in the kitchen and they are already growing…they will be laying eggs and pooping all  over the place in no time…

it’s hard…but it’s best to live in the moment…in the now…all the regrets of should haves or shouldn’t  haves…don’t amount too much…except maybe life lessons and then move on…don’t waste your time on them

too much time, not enough time i don’t know…it changes..i am thankful for the time i have…and i have to go get lucca some bacon

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the eternal question


What do you do?

I’m a poahhhh…


A paaarghhhhhh…

A what?

A pooooooooooo…

A polar bear?

No! a poeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashit…

A parachute?

A po po po po po podammit

You’re edgar allen poe?

A podiatrist?

You’re a pole-vaulter, a pinecone, a poster child for speech therapy?

Okay, look…this is real hard for me, I’m a pooooooooooooooooarghhhhitsh

Did you say poet?




Oh really, me too

marchetti 10

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food for thought

                     recipe for life


1 huge pot

all childhood trauma’s, disappointments, broken hearts, tears, etc., …

all drugs, booze, mistakes, sins, affairs, failures, addictions …

all success, triumphs, joy, happiness, laughter, good deeds, boy scouts,

merit badges, elected offices, awards on the wall, sexual conquests,

little league championships, etc., …

all your feelings good or bad, all your beliefs, all your dreams,

all your darkness and light, all your love and hate … everything …

put all ingredients of your life in one big pot and let it boil …

boil it all down …

boil it on a hot flame, and then forget about it …

be the steam that rises …

marchetti 10

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yea yea yea

when i was boy movement and music equaled happiness…whenever my family was driving in the car they would start singing…old songs, italian songs, kids songs all kinds of songs…three little fishes in a itty bitty pool…mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivey…girl of my dreams i love you honest i do…when there’s darkness on the delta…que marie…on and on

we moved from pittsburgh to mt hope w va when i was in the 4th grade…we’d make trips back and forth  visiting relatives…singing all the way

around the 7th grade i started falling asleep at night listening to the radio…the later it got the more stations i could pick up…WLS in chicago…they had a great disc jockey ,dick biondi i think his name was…and they would play everything from wolverton mountain…to battle of new orleans, twist and shout by the isley bros, what i say by ray charles..everything and anything

i also listened to a station out of Louisiana that played a lot of blues… hoochie coochie man, mannish boy…boom boom boom boom

one night i picked up WABC out of New York…i heard this sound like pure joy coming out of my little radio…it sounded like laughing with a beat…it sounded like they were singing just for me…like they somehow knew how i felt about the girl in english class…i felt connected to the magic in the air…it was a very private yet universal feeling…that night changed my life…it made me want to be a songwriter…the disc jockey said..that was a new band from liverpool called the Beatles….Yea Yea Yea

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happy new year…a new decade, a new chance, new hope, new resolutions…hopefully we won’t make the same mistakes and we will find more joy and love and less worry and fear…i wish you all health, happiness and success… whatever success means to you…

this blog is dedicated to the elderly…my hero’s…the courageous old folks…the bodies start to wear out…but the spirit still shines…my mom lived in a condo with older folks…friends…folks that would be there in a heartbeat for anything one another needed…laughing, crying ,living and dying together…if any of them are reading this i would like to thank them for caring for and befriending my mom…she talked about you all often and you enriched her life…

we should honor our elderly and treat them with the respect they deserve…they have lived through it…tough old birds with tender hearts…anyway happy new year folks and here is a poem i wrote called old…


old is mellow as whiskey and warm as wine

the flavor of life growing richer with time

old shines like gold in a cold mountain stream

old is awake, the world is a dream

old is worn out and faded like an old photo book

a workshop that’s holy with that loved in look

old is closer to God than the stars in the sky

and knows that you’re born whenever you die

old has a body that’s weak and spirit that’s strong

a soul that’s forgiving when someone does wrong

a heart that has beat through trauma and joy

from woman to man from girl to boy

from first steps to walkers from death to birth

on a cloud we call faith between heaven and earth

marchetti 10

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